Safe Home Program

 It is often a very traumatic experience for a family to come to a safe home for the first time. In addition to fleeing an abusive relationship, the family is faced with living in an unknown environment. We recognize the difficult steps a family had to make prior to coming to our agency and we attempt to provide a homelike setting in a sensitive and caring environment.

While residing in the safe home, guests are provided with basic needs. Additionally, extensive case management services are provided for all family members through our Residential Team. A clinical counselor is available to families to help deal with their emotional stress and trauma.

Families learn to live without fear and abuse, and work to create a life of peace.

Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center has a 23 bed facility for victims of domestic violence and sexual violence. 

Transitional Housing Program

Our Transitional Housing Program offers intensive case management and services around client identified issues. The families who reside within in the program are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. It is a supervised living situation in a safe environment. It is designed to provide intensive services for a period of two years. The program assists families with individual case management that includes identifying immediate needs, and reviewing options that are available and assist in long-term goals. It further assists families in their work towards personal, family, and economic stability.

Our program has nine centrally located units as well as three agency-owned units, providing 6-24 months of housing and supportive services to clients transitioning from emergency shelter. 


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