Latinx Advocacy Program

The Latinx Advocacy Program was created to help individuals that had been victims of domestic violence and sexual violence. The main goal is to provide comprehensive services to Latinx victims and to ensure that their voices are heard during the criminal process, regardless of their immigration status, cultural, and language barriers.

Services BVAC offers to the Latinx Community

Helpline – Advocacy and support is provided for individuals that are in crisis through our 24-hour helpline. The helpline is also available for family and friends so are seeking more information regarding how to help their loved ones.

Court Program – This program provides legal advocacy and information to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault at the Garrahy Courthouse in Providence.

Support Groups – The Spanish support group is an opportunity to meet, share experiences, and learn solutions with other women who had or are experiencing abuse to share experiences and find solutions. The groups meet weekly and are available for individuals 18+.

Outreach – Our goal is to bring awareness of domestic violence, sexual assault, and healthy relationships to the Latinx community through workshops and community events.

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24-Hour Helpline: 1-800-494-8100